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We are pleased to announce the release of our latest software program for Auto Body Shops... The VSN Vehicle Status Notifier!
This program was designed to help eliminate phone time by providing your clients a means to check the status of their vehicle via your website. A client simply enters in their phone number and can instantly see what stage of repair their vehicle is in, what services need to yet be performed, and the estimated completion date. This program also features a "Send Notifications" button that will send an email to each active client to inform them of their vehicle's repair status. 

This program can also be used for Fleet Accounts. You can substitute the phone number for vehicle numbers so a client can simply check on a certain vehicle, or it can display all the vehicles from one specific client.

This Program is FREE for all our Website Clients!

Some of the details of the program included:

Want To Try This Out? Then sign up for our TEST DRIVE program where we create a website specifically for your shop and grant access to our Site Management software which features this amazing VSN program. Its totally free to try for 5 strings attached.

Feel free to contact us anytime for any other questions you may have on this program.


Body Shop Financial Software

Analyze and Manage your auto body shop in only about five minutes per month. 13 monthly entries generates up to 160 measurements of your business. This software is like Six Profit Centers Under One Roof : It calculates monthly profit and annual profit along with percents so you you know exactly what areas need attention. The following items are calculated...: 

Compare your results with the top 25% most profitable body shops in the USA as well as calculate your monthly and daily breakeven point so you know your profit or loss on a daily basis.
he “Forecasting” Tool allows you to see the additional profit will you have as the result making small changes in your business BEFORE you make them.

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