Auto Body Marketing

auto body marketing
We provide various internet marketing services to help promote and advertise your body shop. As you know or should know, your website needs to be at the center of your marketing campaign as this will be the place you direct all your current and potential customers to for current information. Since your website is the main hub where you want people to go, it needs to look professional, be updated from time to time and provide features that will keep your customers coming back. Our program is the essential solution to provide you with these things.

Your website should also be easily found through internet searches and we are very good and getting sites ranked high in search engines which in turn can yield a tremendous amount of new customers annually. We also offer various SEO (search engine optimizing) programs and tactics to help your site rank such as the use of Google Maps, Content Feeds from Automotive Sites and more.

We provide cutting edge auto body marketing tools like:

Put our extensive marketing skills to work for your collision repair shop today!