Auto Body SEO

auto body seo
Can Customers Find You On-Line? With our website package, we perform some basic SEO (search engine optimizing) tactics to help your website self rank in major search engines. However, if you are noticing that your website is not getting a lot of traffic, and not showing up very well when a search is performed, then you may need some advanced SEO services. We have a very affordable SEO plan for Auto Body Shops that is focused on getting top rankings in both Organic and Local Listings. Organic listings are listings of search engines are all the typical results you see when you perform a normal search on Google and others. When a "LOCAL" search is done, for instance "body shops chicago" then Google will also display "LOCAL" listings. Our SEO campaigns utilize the most effective and legal ranking tactics like link building, article submissions and more. Your SEO campaign will target various keywords and keyword phrases that we recommend, and you can even suggest more to us if you like. You can alter your campaign at anytime and cancel at anytime if you wish.

Advanced SEO For Auto Body Shops:

There are various vital things need to happen in order for your auto body website to rank in search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo and others. We have a couple of online article links listed below that are updated each year which report on the major ranking factors. With our Advanced SEO Service Plan, we make sure to take advantage of many of these ranking factors each month.
Article #1 >     Article #2 >

Most of the ranking factors in these articles have to do with "LOCAL" search engine searches. Your goal should be to have your website display in this top section of Google when a local search is performed. There is however no clear cut way of getting ranked in this spot as various factors come into play as the article illustrates. We do stay on top of the latest tools and techniques though to help ensure your website continues to rank high.

Be sure to contact us about our advanced SEO services where we do all the work for you. We can also include social media marketing such as creating and updating Facebook pages, Instagram pages and more. With our SEO plans, you can cancel any of the services at anytime, but we highly recommend doing at least a 4 - 6 month campaign. This is because search engines are not fast and it does take several months to get your website ranking. Changes made to your SEO campaign also take time to see results. Please contact us with any questions you may have about SEO for your auto body shop.