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View some of our website design projects below. Please note that we can duplicate and customize any of the designs you see below for your auto body shop's website. View testimonials at the bottom of this page.
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Auto Body Web Templates
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Customer Testimonials / Links

24/7 Collision Care & Truck Shop
"We really like the website. Everything looks great."
John Randolph - Shop Owner

360 Collision Center
"Yes, everything looks really good and we are very satisfied with the website."
Stephen Alleyne - Shop Owner

Advance Bumper Repair
"Very good. We are happy with the way the website turned out"
Mary Kourieh - Shop Owner

Akins Collision Center
"Kirk, this site turned out really incredible. Thanks for all your hard work in customizing this for me. The entire crew here is very happy with the results."
Kevin Meyers - Shop Owner

All American Auto Body, Inc
"We had a company design our logo before and it looked like a 4th grader made it. We love what you have come up with! The website turned out Great also! Everything looks really good and we are very pleased with your services. Thank you!"
Kiri Elliott - Shop Owner

Anthonys Auto Body
"Kirk, the website turned out great. Thanks for your hard work on this project for us!"
Anthony Ferranti - Shop Owner

Autobody Specialists, Inc.
"We really like the way this turned out. Thanks!"
Charlie King - Shop Owner

B&G Paint & Body
Roy Graham - Shop Owner

Badry Collision

Bentonville Auto Body & Detail
"The logo and website turned out great."
Jason Fielding - Shop Owner

Big Kids Toys Auto Center
"Thanks so much for your exceptional work on both our websites. We really enjoy both of them and the site management software for managing our inventory is exactly what I was looking for."
Robert Zuercher - Shop Owner

Body Builders Collision & Glass
"Very happy with everything. Thanks for all your hard work."
Andy Wright - Shop Owner

Bristol Auto Body
"Site looks very good. Thanks for your hard work on this."
Joe Moss - Shop Owner

Burns Collision Center
"The new look of the website is really nice. It really has a nice professional look and feel to it now."
Jeff Perry - Shop Owner

C&D Collision Center
"Thanks for all your work on the website. I am very happy with the way it turned out."
Charlie Bartram - Shop Owner

Cermele's Auto Collision
"The website and logo are really good."
Joe Cermele - Shop Owner

Certified Auto Hail Repair
"This is very exciting to see our company website up and running. I am really glad I found you guys to work on my logo and site. We get a lot of compliments on both. Thanks a ton for all the extra work you put into things!"
Sam A Engelberg - Shop Owner

Choice AutoBody
"Great service. The website is really nice. Thank you!"
Tracy Kaytor - Shop Owner

Classic Auto Body
"Really really happy I found you guys to work on my marketing materials. The website and logo turned out amazing."
Steve Massimini/ - Shop Owner

Colortec Automotive
"The logo and website look amazing! Just a real relief to find a company so easy to work with. Thanks for all your efforts on our items"
Jeff Stieferman - Shop Owner

Covina Auto Body
"We like this new design you created for us and people seem to like the logo you created for us as well. Thanks!"
Arthur Koroghlian - Shop Owner

DentPros Collision Center
"We absolutely love the animated hail car you did for us in the website. Everything looks great."
John Medeiros - Shop Owner

Duies Collision Center
"I am really happy with the website and logo you did for us. Thanks Kirk."
Anthony Gazzanigo - Shop Owner

Eurocraft Collision Centre Calgary Ltd.
"The website, logo clean up and brochure you did all turned out really good. Thanks for all your hard work on these materials. We get a lot of compliments on the website!"
Sandy Coelho - Shop Owner

Executive Expert Collision

Falcon Collision
"The new design is very nice. We like it much better."
Emerson Dominguez - Shop Owner

Ferranti Collision Center
"The logo and website you did for us are both really outstanding."
Anthony Ferranti - Shop Owner

Finishing Touch Auto Body, Inc.
"Great working with you guys. We really appreciate all the extra effort you put into our projects."
Robert Konecko - Shop Owner

Galaxy Collision

Greggs Auto Body
"Really good job on the site Kirk. Thanks for all your help on this and with other items as well.""
Gregg Rosenberg - Shop Owner

Hamilton Auto Clinic
"We are very happy with the website project and having the ability to edit things ourselves."
Erica Makuch - Shop Owner

i.C.A.R. Houston Paint & Body
"This new design you created is really nice. Much bolder look."
Jesse Arzola - Shop Owner

Interstate Collision & Glass Inc.
"Very nice! Thanks for all your work!"
Ed Wolles - Shop Owner

Johnny's Pro Auto Body
"The logo is really great. I think it and the website look very good."
Johnny - Shop Owner

"Outstanding job on our logo and site!"
Mickey Kahl - Shop Owner

Keri Coach Works
"The majority rule is the second logo design even though I am a fan of the 1st design you did for us. We are very happy with the way it turned out and the website looks great too."
Randy Pullman - Shop Owner

Louisiana Auto Collision, LLC
"The website is really nice and I am very pleased with the level of service I have received from you folks."
Tony Savoie - Shop Owner

Marlow Auto Body
"Great job on the website and logo. They both are really professional looking!"
Steve DeChello - Shop Owner

Mint Auto Body
"Great job on the website. I might have you guys take a look into working on my racing website as well."
Garry Querel - Shop Owner

Morton Collision Repair

New Ace Auto Body

Anthony Fiuza - Shop Owner

Oregon Collision Center

Patience/Carlos - Shop Owner

Quality Auto Body of Milwaukee inc.
"I am extremely happy we chose your company for our website. We get a lot of compliments on it."
Steve Stys - Shop Owner

Racine Recovery
"That logo is amazing! We are definately going to go with it. The website with the tow truck image you have up is really nice also. Thanks for all your work on this!"
Mike Keneko - Shop Owner

Rays Collision Center
"Thanks Kirk for all your work on our website. It's a very nice website you put up for us!"
Ray Hall - Shop Owner

Ray's Dent Center

Red Rock Collision

Reutimann Collision and Repair
"Website turned out really well."
Dawn Karppe - Shop Assistant

RMD Auto Body
"We are very pleased with the way the website looks."
Charlene/ Mario Borg - Shop Owner

Roe Motors Body Shop
"Nice work! We are very happy with the work you guys have done for us."
Steve Roe - Shop Owner

Skyline Collision
"This website design looks very good."
Leanne Harrold - Shop Owner

Smith Imports
"The owner is very happy with the overall look of this website and wants to go live with it. Thanks for all your hard work on it and the logo you created for us!"
Christi Jones - Secretary

Sonny's Collision
"Great service guys! We all love the new website here!"
Dominic Greco - Shop Owner

Spring St. Collision & Paint Experts

Streamline Auto Body
"The logo and website look great. Very nice work!"
John Molinaro - Shop Owner

Tims Auto Body
"I am very happy with the website. Much better then we had before."
Tim Hazlewood - Shop Owner

Total Recon

Tri Lee Auto Body

Universal Auto Hail Repair
"We really like the way the logo and website look. Very unique and not like other websites out there. We are both really pleased with your exceptional service that you have provided us in this marketing process."
Cindy Payne & Troy Payne - Shop Owners

Wade Automotive
"Website turned out really great!"
Jesse Robitaille - Shop Owner

WPRA Association

Wrecks Auto Rebuilders, Inc.
"/I am really happy with the way things look."
Kurt Johnson - Shop Owner